Roll-Board Launch

October 2013.

Our newest product, the Roll-Board is currently in production and is scheduled for launch in mid-November. Like the M-Board, it includes a poster and a DVD which shows demos of different movements and three different workouts. In addition to helping with balance and movement, this accessory can provide a full-body workout.

Balance Training in Your Workout

August 2012.

In this article, Adam Alexander explains how we can separate ourselves from the field by incorporating balance training into our workout, training, or rehabilitation regimen. Read here.

Modern Movement Featured in SNEWS

May 2013.

SNEWS, the leading fitness trade publication, recently hooked up with Micky Schlagel, National Sales Manager at Modern Movement, and asked Micky about the company and the products. In the article, Micky explains how the ideas for the products came about, and what makes them different from other products on the market. If you have a subscription to SNEWS, click here. If not, you can sign up for a free subscription at

Gary Gray, on Combining Balance with Motion

October 2012.

The Gray Institute is internationally acclaimed for its innovation, development, mastery and delivery of Applied Functional Science. Watch here.

Elizabeth Quinn, on Proprioception and Balance

October 2012.

Elizabeth Quinn from the Sports Medicine section of sheds light on using proprioception and balance training not just for rehabilitation, but also for injury prevention. Watch here.